DIP_01Hyperspectral Image Super-Resolution Based on Spatial and Spectral Correlation FusionDOWNLOAD
DIP_02Hierarchical Guidance Filtering-Based Ensemble Classification for Hyperspectral ImagesDOWNLOAD
DIP_03Effective and Efficient Detection of Moving Targets from a UAV’s CameraDOWNLOAD
DIP_04Bayesian Particle Tracking of Traffic FlowsDOWNLOAD
DIP_05Vehicle Tracking at Nighttime by Kernelized Experts With Channel-Wise and Temporal Reliability EstimationDOWNLOAD
DIP_06Robust and Long-Term Object Tracking With an Application to VehiclesDOWNLOAD
DIP_07Color Balance and Fusion for Underwater Image EnhancementDOWNLOAD
DIP_08Multimodal Medical Image Registration Based on Feature Spheres in Geometric AlgebraDOWNLOAD
DIP_09Underwater Image Restoration Based on Image Blurriness and Light AbsorptionDOWNLOAD
DIP_10Image Restoration based on Weighted Average of Multiple Blurred and Noisy ImagesDOWNLOAD
DIP_11A New Approach to Video Steganography using Pixel Pattern Matching and Key SegmentationDOWNLOAD
DIP_12The Kernel Conjugate Gradient AlgorithmsDOWNLOAD
DIP_13Video Salient Object Detection with Convolutional NetworksDOWNLOAD
DIP_14Learning a Deep Single Image Contrast Enhancer from Multi-Exposure ImagesDOWNLOAD
DIP_15Single Image De-Hazing Using Globally Guided Image FilteringDOWNLOAD
DIP_16Single Image Super-Resolution Based on Wiener Filter in Similarity DomainDOWNLOAD
DIP_17A secure image steganography algorithm based on least significant bit and integer wavelet transformDOWNLOAD
DIP_18Colour Image Watermarking based on Wavelet and QR DecompositionDOWNLOAD
DIP_19Road Detection and Segmentation from Aerial Images using a CNN based SystemDOWNLOAD
DIP_20Higher-Order Image Co-segmentationDOWNLOAD