AI1Deep Learning for object identification in mobile ROBOT using Raspberry Pi and OpenCV (OR) Automatic garbage collection truckArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI2Driver monitoring system using camera and Raspberry pi (OR) Towards detection of bus driver fatigue based on robust visual analysis of eye stateArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI3Voice assisted text reading system for visually impaired persons using TTS methodArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI4Voice Activated smart home design and implementation Amazon ALEXAArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI5Implementation of machine learning for Gender detection using CNN on Raspberry Pi platform (OR) Design and implementation of Robotic Vision for Face recognitionArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI6The Detection and reorganization of Cracks on Bridges based on deep belief networkArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI7Robotic explore to search people through face detectionArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI8IOT Based criminal identity systemArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI9Embedded System Implementation for material recognition for deep learningArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI10An appropriate model predicting pest/diseases of crops using machine learning algorithmArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI11Emotion Based Music playerArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI12Automatic bus vacancy and bus tracking using image processing and GPSArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI13Smart Fencing for Crop fieldArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI14Robotic ARM in Space shuttleArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI15Eyeball Based wheel chair controlArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI16Eyeball Based courser(mouse) controlArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI17Smart receptionist using raspberry piArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI18sign language recognition using image based hand gesture recognition techniquesArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI19color marker based digital art using OPENCVArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI20Blind people assistance system in homeArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI21Traffic density measurement using Raspberry Pi and WEB cameraArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI22Secure Authentication for ATM Using Face RecognitionArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI23lane detection and steering control using raspberry pi (OR) Self driving carArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
AI24Smart MirrorArtificial IntelligenceDOWNLOAD
IOT1Design and implementation of automated blood bank using embedded systemsINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT2Automobile black box system for accident analysisINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT3Smart door bell and smart carINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT4Indoor location and motion tracking system for elderly assisted living homeINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT5Smart Bin: An intelligent waste alert and prediction system using machine learning approachINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT7Medicine reminder and smart health CardINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT8Developing a PDA to control device using proposed algorithmINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT10Smart electricity meter using IOTINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT12Weather Report streaming with graphs using IOTINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT13Industry parameters monitoring and controlling system based on embedded web serverINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT14IOT based Green house monitoring and controlling systemINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT15IOT Based Home Automation-Smart way to controlling your home from anywhereINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT16Implementation of Vehicle tracking and monitoring system using IOTINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT17Automatic and instantaneous power station power quality monitoring system using IOTINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT18Virtual care taker-online patient monitoring system.INTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT19Traffic lights Controll SystemINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IOT20Cell Phone Tower Base Station Safety System using GSM technologyINTERNET OF THINGSDOWNLOAD
IE_1401GSM Wireless Technology Implementation in Haze MonitoringIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1402Implementation of a Web of Things based Smart Grid to remotely monitor and control Renewable Energy SourcesIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1403Automated Irrigation System Using a Wireless Sensor Network and GPRS ModuleIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1404Development of a Cell Phone Based Vehicle Remote Control SystemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1405Non-invasive Blood Pressure Remote Monitoring Instrument Based MicrocontrollerIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1406Design and development of precision agriculture system using wireless sensor networkIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1407Wireless sensor based energy conservation via BluetoothIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1408Design and Implementation of Heart Rate Measurement Device Using Wireless SystemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1409Application of Data Acquisition System for Superconducting Quantum Interface Devices (SQUID) at Remote LocationIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1410A recon?gurable Smart Sensor Interface for Industrial WSN in IoT EnvironmentIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1411Sensor Node Failure Detection Based on Round Trip Delay and Paths in WSNsIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1412Differentiated Virtual Passwords, Secret Little Functions, and Codebooks for Protecting Users From Password TheftIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1413WSN-Based Smart Sensors and Actuator for Power Management in Intelligent BuildingsIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1414Data Centre Monitoring and Alerting System using WSNIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1415Embedded System for Home Automation Using SMSIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1417Smart Card for Banking with Highly Enhanced Security SystemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1418A Novel Approach Railway Track Damage Detection Robot Using GPRS TechnologyIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1419A Review on Web based Embedded System for Remote Monitor and ControllerIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1420Effective CAN Controller Design for Highly Secured ApplicationsIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1421Accident identification with automatic ambulance rescue systemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1422A Low Cost GSM and GPS Enabled Liquid Fall Detection System for Medical ApplicationsIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1423MEMS Based Gesture Controlled Robot Using Wireless CommunicationIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1424Real-time Safety Measures in Railways Using Embedded SystemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1425Efficient and Cost Effective Vehicle Tracking and Security System Using Global Positioning SystemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1426Cell Phone Operated Devices with Voice AcknowledgementIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1427Smart Home Automated Control System Using Android Application and MicrocontrollerIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1428Zigbee Based Real - Time Monitoring System of Agricultural EnvironmentIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1429Fourth generation voting systemIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1501RFID-based system for school children transportation safety enhancementIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1502Design for visually impaired to work at Industry using RFID technologyIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1503Monitoring and Sustaining the Industrial Aura by adopting Wireless Sensor NetworksIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1504RFID and GSM based Automatic Rationing System using LPC2148IEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1505Smart Bin Implementation for Smart CitiesIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1506Smart System Sensor Network for Building MonitoringIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1507Embedded based real time monitoring and detection of bacterial contamination in drinking waterIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1601Design and Implementation of a Semi-Autonomous Waste Segregation RobotIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1602EcoSensor: Monitoring environmental pollution using mobile SensorsIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1603Configurable ZigBee-based Control System for People with Multiple Disabilities in Smart HomesIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1604A Smart Helmet for Air Quality and Hazardous Event Detection for The Mining IndustryIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1605Effective Ways to Use Internet of Things in the Field of Medical and Smart Health CareIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1607Water Level Meter for Alerting Population about FloodsIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IE_1608Autonomous Gas Detection and Mapping With Unmanned Aerial VehiclesIEEE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_01Advanced secured ATM system with three layer security protectionINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_02Advanced low cost voice recognition based smart home/office automation using androidINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_03Designing of smart and secure single ATM card for multiple bank accountsINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_04Real-time vehicle theft control system using engine temperature measuring techniqueINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_05Smart electronic feedback system to save paper and time using RFID technologyINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_06Innovative digital energy meter with over load indicator and power theft controlINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_07RFID technology based reminder system for smart homeINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_08Designing of switching system for AC powered appliances using micro controllerINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_09Automatic speed regulation of vehicles based on speed zones using RF technologyINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_10Advanced Smart energy saving system for modern railway station platform lighting controlINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_11Designing of user friendly paper presentation control system using RF technology with LASER light pointerINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_12Design and development of a hand glove controlled wheel chairINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_13Design of Concealed Alarm System Based Security system for Banks and shopping malls using GSMINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_14RFID technology based system which detects the icons beside the road for safe drivingINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_15Controlling multiple streetlights with single SMS with failure street light indication via SMSINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_16Advanced low cost voice recognition based robot direction control using androidINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_17Designing of Electric shock proof system to control electrical appliances using touch screenINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_18Remote operated Smart electronic voice guider for physically disabled/bed ridden patients or old age peopleINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_19Voice operated low cost Instant status or notice updating system using androidINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_20Electronic security and tourist guider in multiple language for museums and exhibitionsINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_21Monitoring of patients via secure and mobile health care system using GSMINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_22Design of accurate universal digital clock using GPS for time synchronization applicationsINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
IN_23Design and development of touch and voice based electronic slat for kidsINNOVATIVE PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_01Single or Multi electronic notice boards with operating distance up to 1000meters using RS485 protocolREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_02Efficient power saver for street lights using LDR, RTC, LEDs light with solar powerREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_03Station names with distance indicator in railwaysREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_04Wireless controller for operating power point presentations with laser light indication.REAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_05Wireless controller for operating power point presentations with laser light indication.REAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_06Voice / touch screen /MEMS controlled Wheel chair for patients and physically challenged persons with capacity upto100KgsREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_07Intelligent shopping trolley using RFIDREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_08Elegant home with power saving, security, safety, remote controlling and auto control of water tank motorREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_09A new generation smart digital home, security, safety and power saving and power quality monitoring REAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_10Intelligent train engine to avoid accidents and controlling railway gate automaticallyREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_11Vehicle theft control and accident location intimation through SMSREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_12Intelligent traffic signaling priority system for ambulances and VIP vehiclesREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_13Automatic marks sending system to students through SMSREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_16Bus departure and arrival auto announcement system in bus stopsREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_17Child safety management system using RF Technology.REAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_18Advanced bus ticketing system with alert to passengerREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_19Smart monitoring system for smart cities to monitoring and controlling of advertise hoarding lights with light failure indication systemREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_20A new innovative and effective system for trains and railway stations for auto announcements of trains ,power saving and auto railway gate control REAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_21Advanced products price and info display with easy data changing systemREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_22Advanced security systems for jeweler shops and banksREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RT_01Automatic Zigbee based quick answering systems for multiple users for quiz games and feedback systemsREAL TIME PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
WF_01WIFI based Home or office appliances control systemLOW COST LOW POWER WIFI BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
WF_02Design and implementation of Data logger using WIFI.LOW COST LOW POWER WIFI BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_1401Advanced low cost voice recognition based smart home/office automation using androidANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_1402Voice operated low cost Instant status or notice updating system using androidANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_1403Android phone controlled user friendly pick and place robotANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_1404Advanced digital calling system in offices and colleges using android phoneANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_01Smart Remote for controlling electrical appliance through android mobile.ANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_02Virtual nurse- controlling wheel chair through android mobileANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_03Advanced android mobile controlling robotANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_04Smart and cost effective wireless electronic notice board message updating system from android mobileANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_05Accelerometer/MEMS based robot controlling through android mobileANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_06Android mobile controlled voice guider for patients/old aged people/dumb peopleANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_07Smart Home/office automation through android mobile.ANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_08Advertisement boards or status boards message updating system from android mobile for offices and restaurants.ANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_09Smart regulator for controlling fan speed through Android mobileANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_10AC motor speed controller through Android mobile.ANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_11Advanced street light controlling system through smart phoneANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_12Smart phone based patient monitoring systemANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_13Industry/home/office automation through smart phoneANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
AS_14Industrial parameters monitoring system through SmartphoneANDROID & SMART PHONE BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
VP_01Advanced voice based blind stick with voice announcement of obstacle distancePROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_02Real time voice based station name announcement system in trains or busses to alert the passengers using ARM7 and RF.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_03Virtual care taker-voice guider for patients/old aged persons/dumb persons.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_04Industrial safety and security system with voice alerts and message alert through GSM.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_05Bank token display system with token and counter number announcement feature.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_06RFID based attendance system with welcome voice messages.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_07Embedded Secured elevator system with voice confirmation of floor number and alert messagesPROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_08Home /office/industry electrical appliances controlling by phone call and confirmation through voice feedback.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_09Bank safety and security system with voice alert and call alert to police station through GSM.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_10Speaking clock-Time announcer for visually impaired personsPROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_11Color recognition and color name announcement system.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
VP_12Substation monitoring and controlling system with voice alerts.PROJECTS BASED ON VOICE PLAYBACKDOWNLOAD
FS_01Standalone data logger in SD/MMC card with time stamp for industrial applications.PROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_02RFID based real-time attendance system with data storage in SD/MMC card for offices and colleges.PROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_03Point to point GPS data logger for cab vehicles monitoring systemsPROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_04Monitoring of arrival and departure timings of government busses in bus stops-store the arrival and departure timings in SD/MMC cardPROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_05Advanced embedded system based a paperless feedback system for colleges and event management systemsPROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_06Mobile signal strength analyzer in different areas to identify poor signal strength areas using GSM and GPSPROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_07Biometric based secured real-time attendance system with data storage in SD/MMC card for offices and collegesPROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
FS_08Advanced embedded security system with image capturing in SD/MMC cardPROJECTS BASED ON FILE SYSTEM (only on ARM7 and Arduino)DOWNLOAD
ET_01Industry parameters monitoring and controlling system based on embedded web server.ETHERNET BASED PROJECTS (ONLY WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
ET_02Virtual care taker-online patient monitoring system.ETHERNET BASED PROJECTS (ONLY WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
ET_03Zigbee and internet based advanced street light controlling system.ETHERNET BASED PROJECTS (ONLY WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
ET_04Internet based data acquisition and display on web page.ETHERNET BASED PROJECTS (ONLY WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
ET_05Internet based home/office automation.ETHERNET BASED PROJECTS (ONLY WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
TF_01Micro controller based photo frame with TFT LCD.TFT LCD DISPLAY BASED (only with ARM7)DOWNLOAD
TF_02Industry/Home automation using TFT LCD and touch screen.TFT LCD DISPLAY BASED (only with ARM7)DOWNLOAD
TF_03Digital slate-an innovative slate for easy and fast learning process.TFT LCD DISPLAY BASED (only with ARM7)DOWNLOAD
TF_04CAN based dash board implementation and display data on TFT LCD.TFT LCD DISPLAY BASED (only with ARM7)DOWNLOAD
TF_05Interfacing TFT LCD with micro controllerTFT LCD DISPLAY BASED (only with ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_01Industrial automation and process control system using CAN bus.CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_02Ethernet and CAN interfacing for industrial automation.CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_03CAN base collision avoidance system for automobiles.CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_04Distributed remote temperature monitoring and acquisition system based on CAN bus.CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_05Construction of intelligent greenhouse monitoring and control system based on CAN bus (IEEE2010).CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_06Industrial multi parameters data logger using CAN bus.CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_07Automobile dashboard implementation using CAN bus.CAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
CN_08Implementation of can and ZigBee networks based industrial monitoring and control applicationsCAN BASED PROJECTS (WITH ARM7)DOWNLOAD
GG_01Automatic Streetlight On/Off with SMS Controlling and light Failure detection with SMS indication.GSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_02Supervisory control and data acquisition system (SCADA) using GSM modemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_03UPS Battery monitoring system over GSM for High availability systemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_04GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometerGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_05Automatic power meter reading system using GSM networkGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_06RFID and GSM based intelligent courier mailbox system with automatic delivery notificationGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_07A smart GSM based embedded solution for continuous remote monitoring of cardiac patientsGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_08GPS based vehicle travel location data logger with 2GB MMC/SD Memory cardGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_09GPS and GSM based office cab monitoring, alerting and logging systemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_10Flexible load sharing of transformer with GSM SMSGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_11GSM Based Smart Information System For Lost ATM CardsGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_12Vehicle Tracking and Security System using GSM and GPSGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_13Agriculture field motor control system using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_14Accident Identification System using GSM And GPSGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_15Patient Monitoring and Alert System using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_17Industrial Electrical Devices Control SystemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_18Automatic Fire Detection and Alert SystemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_19Weather Monitoring system in remote placesGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_20GSM based DC Motor Speed and Direction ControlGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_21SMS Based Electrical Appliances Apparatus Control in homes or officesGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_22Embedded Automatic Robotic Car through SMSGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_24Substation Monitoring and Controlling System using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_25Water reservoir monitoring and pump system using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_27Speed Control of Thread Roller’s AC motor in Spinning Mills using GSM ModemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_28Real-time Industrial process controlling & monitoring using MobileGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_29Intelligent System for Hazardous Gas, Human Detection and Temperature Monitor Control using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_30An Advanced Embedded Mobile Web Server for Aged People Monitoring and Parameter back Reception using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_32Cell Phone based Street Light Controlling SystemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_33Temperature Measurement over GSM MobileGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_34Password protected GSM based Device control.GSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_35SMS-Electrical Apparatus Control in OfficesGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_36GSM controlled Door Latch opener with Security Dialup with changeable Telephone numberGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_37Development of a GSM based Vehicle Security SystemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_38GSM based Vehicle gaseous fuel leakage detection with Automatic safety warning and alerting system.GSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_39SMS based Banking security systemGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_40Home Automation and Security System using GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_41College Timetable and notice board display with auto SMS to facultiesGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_42Electronic protection to exam paper leakageGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_43Design and development of a modern vigilance control system to enhance the rail passenger safety using GSM and GPS technologyGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_44Anti-theft Security System Using GSM, GPS, RFID TechnologyGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GG_45Locker opening and closing system Using RFID, fingerprint, password And GSMGSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
GPNEW_1Position Matching Based Autonomous Speed Regulation System for Vehicles.GSM AND GPS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_1Fingerprint based Access Control systemFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_2Fingerprint Recognition enabled Passport Management SystemFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_3Fingerprint based bank locker systemFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_4Fingerprint based Attendance Record SystemFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_5Finger print based elevator(lift) operating systemFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_6Fingerprint based Electronic Voting MachineFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_7Fingerprint based Authentication and Controlling System of DevicesFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
FP_8Locker opening and closing system, Using RFID, fingerprint, password And GSMFINGERPRINT BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
ZB_01Modern restaurants atomization for wireless menu dish ordering using touch panel and ZIGBEE.ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_02Touch Screen And Zigbee Based Wireless Communication Assistant In AirlinesZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_03Touch screen and Zigbee based voice guider for patientsZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_04Development of a smart power meter for AMI based Zigbee communication Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_05Remote Power On/Off Control And Current Measurement For Home Electric Outlets Based On A Low-Power Embedded Board And Zigbee CommunicationZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_06Remote-Controllable and Energy-Saving Room Architecture Based on Zigbee CommunicationZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_07Innovative Congestion Control System for Ambulance Using ZIGBEEZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_08Zigbee based wireless Electronic Notice Board with Multi Point ReceiverZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_09Zigbee Device Access control system with Reliable data transmission Industrial Process control and Automation system through Zigbee n/wZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_10Multi stage Real time Weather monitoring System via Zigbee in Homes/Industries.ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_11Zigbee Wireless Vehicle Identification and Authentication System.ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_12Applications of Short Range Technologies to Industrial Automation: A Zigbee ApproachZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_13The Wireless Sensor Network for Home Care System using ZigbeeZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_14System for Measuring Power Parameters with Zigbee Connectivity.ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_15Wireless Data Encryption and Decryption Using ZigbeeZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_16Zigbee Based Automated Irrigation System.ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_17Zigbee enabled pantry updating wireless network and data synchronization using hand held device.ZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_18A Low Cost Design & Monitoring Of Automatic Irrigation System Based On Zigbee TechnologyZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_19Implementation Of ZigBee Based Home Automation System Using Voice RecognitionZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
ZB_20Remote monitoring and Controlling using cascaded Zigbee communicationZIGBEE TECHNOLOGYDOWNLOAD
BL_2Remote controlled home automation using Bluetooth.BLUE TOOTH BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
BL_3Bluetooth based industrial data acquisition systemBLUE TOOTH BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
BL_4Industrial devices controlling system using BluetoothBLUE TOOTH BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
BL_5Intelligent electricity billing system using Bluetooth.BLUE TOOTH BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
BL_6Wireless secured data transmissionBLUE TOOTH BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
TS_1Touch screen based wheel chair control systemTOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
TS_2Touch screen and Zigbee based voice guider for patientsTOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
TS_3Touch screen based remote controller robot with wireless cameraTOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
TS_4Touch screen based wireless PC controllerTOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
TS_5Touch screen based smart home automationTOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
TS_6Touchpad-Controlled-Vehicle-a-Car-in-FutureTOUCH SCREEN BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_1Smart horn for vehicles with alcohol detection for driversSENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_2Smart blind stick with ultrasonic sensorSENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_3Long range liquid level measurement in chemical industries.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_4Automatic bottle filling system.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_7Intelligent system for hazardous gas, human detection and temperature monitor control using GSM technology.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_8Temperature and light control of an incubator.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_9PIR sensor based power saver for auditorium and conference hall.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_10Brick sorting using color sensor.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_11Patient safety system using heart beat and temperature monitoring.SENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_12Intelligent security and safety system for colleges and industriesSENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_13Ultrasonic Spectacles and Waist-belt for Visually Impaired And Blind PersonSENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_14Intelligent-Two-Axis-Solar-Tracking-System-with-Mechanical-ApplicationSENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SB_15Microcontroller based toxic liquid level monitoring control systemSENSOR BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
M_1MEMS based hands gesture controlled robotMEMS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
M_2Hand movement recognition System Based Mouse With Mems AccelerometerMEMS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
M_3Fall Detection & Activity Monitoring For OldstersMEMS BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_01Student college alert system to parents by their entry at the college premises by using RFID and GSM SMS technologyRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_03Examination room guide using RFID for the jumbling system based EXAMSRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_04Voter Credentials System using RFID TechniqueRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_07RFID security access control systemRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_08Library management system using RFIDRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_09Bus location announcement systemRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_13RFID based railway platform to display exact position of each coachRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_14RFID which detects the icons beside the roadRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_15Tourist guidance system with multi language systemRFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RFID_16Electronic protection system to avoid exam paper leakages.RFID BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RB_1Intelligent metal detection and fire alert robotROBOTIC BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RB_3Security guard with camera and night vision lightROBOTIC BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RB_4Intelligent Fire extinguisher vehicleROBOTIC BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RB_5Intelligent obstacle detection and avoidance robotROBOTIC BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RB_6Pick and place robot controlling with wire or wirelessROBOTIC BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
RB_8Smoke and LPG Gas detection robot with wireless control.ROBOTIC BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_1Advanced Train Ticketing System using Smart CardSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_3Vehicle Parking System Using Smart CardSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_4Prepaid energy meter using smart cardSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_5Smart card based attendance systemSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_6Smart Card Based Security Access Control SystemSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_7Hospital Management System using Smart CardSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD
SC_8Prepaid Card For Internet Browsing SystemSMART CARD BASED PROJECTSDOWNLOAD